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Looking for a good way to hone your skills?

Often various CG forums will offer monthly/weekly challenges/charrettes. These are excellent ways to improve your CG skills. Generally these monthly/weekly challenges do not offer official prizes or even designate anyone as a "winner". Which is great because it makes for a very friendly and inviting environment. Now even though you probably won't receive a prize for your efforts you will still benefit from the feedback/advice that others provide on your work.

By participating you'll often pick up a new tip/trick that allows you to render more efficiently or makes your work more realistic, etc.. Therefore my tip today is to go out and participate in these challenges/charrettes regardless of your current skill set. BTW, if your fairly new to 3d don't have the mindset that your work isn't up to par so you can't join...jump in! At the end, I bet you'll be glad you did.

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Fix the black edges on your glass material (and other stuff)

Recently Zap gave me some advice on a question I had about glass materials in mental ray / 3ds Max. It was quite helpful so I thought I'd pass the info along.

If you've ever been frustrated with having black edges/faces on your glass materials, this may help. Now of course the most important issue with glass (or anything reflective) is to ensure you have a nice environment for it to reflect. If you leave the default black background then you can't really be too surprised when your glass renders black.

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Managing color bleed (when using final gather)

This is sort of a continuation on my last entry. In that post I spoke about how color bleed is a perfectly natural phenomenon and not something wrong with your rendering application (mental ray in this case).

With that being said, there are many people out there that want to have control over this natural effect. So how exactly does one control color bleed? Well as with anything in 3ds Max there's probably a dozen ways to accomplish this task...I'm going to discuss one easy (IMHO) method.

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Realistic results with the mr Photographic Exposure Control

I thought it would be helpful to post some info on getting realistic results out of the mr Photographic Exposure Control. I see frequent questions on various forums in regards to getting photometric lights to "work" with the mrSun/mrSky. There's no problem with using photometric lights and the daylight system configured with the mrSun/mrSky. Most of the time I think the problem stems from improper exposure settings, or users that want/need unrealistic an architectural interior that has an under-exposed exterior (windows show a dark blue sky outside), but is also brightly lit on the interior by the sun/sky.

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White balance and you (3ds Max 2008 specific)

For those that are familiar with photography, you already know how to configure the whitepoint setting on the mr Photographic Exposure control. For those that aren't familiar with photography, this tutorial may help.

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