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Texture sets without material file for easy creation of material files.

Containers Folders/Files
Exterior Shell Materials.
Cloth/Fabric/Carpet/Leather Materials
Natural Environments Materials such as Snow/Ice/Ocean.
Special Effects Materials such as Lightning.
Finish Materials such as Coatings/Wallpaper/Stucco.
Ground Cover Materials such as Grass/Moss/Dirt/Sand.
Light/Emitter Materials such as a glowing light bulb.
Liquid Materials such as Water/Milk/Juice/Beer/Wine.
Masonry Materials such as Brick/CMU/Stone.
Metal Materials such as Steel/Aluminum/Copper/Brass.
Miscellaneous Materials that do not have a Category.
Toon and Outline shader Materials for NPR work.
Organic Materials such as Skin/Fur/Plant/Tree.
Paint/Stain/Varnish/Lacquer Materials.
Paving Materials such as Concrete/Asphalt/Pavers.
Plastic Materials such as vinyl, rubber, teflon and carbon-fiber.
Stone Materials such as Marble/Granite/Limestone.
Tile Materials such as Ceramic/Vinyl/Marble/Granite.
Glass/Gem/Crystal type Materials.
Wood Materials and floorings such as Oak/Maple/Bamboo.
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