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finalRender Free!

Cebas announces the availability of finalRender Free

~  new free tier version of finalRender Subscription Drop 4  ~

Cebas Visual Technology Inc. today announced finalRender Free available for immediate download. In an effort to bring advanced GPU and CPU rendering to everyone, cebas has created a no feature restriction free version of its current leading rendering application: finalRender. Delivering the same powerful NVIDIA OptiX™ 7 features, finalRender Free is the smart choice for 3ds Max artists working in the field of Architecture, Design and 3D Visual Effects.

finalRender Free vs. finalRender Subscription Drop 4.

Find below the list of differences between the free version and the commercial version of finalRender:
● trueHybdrid™ is always Off - One Device only for rendering - Choose either CPU or GPU
● finalToon is not part of the free version
● No Network Rendering functionality

Besides these aforementioned differences, finalRender Free can be used to freely create and render commercial projects, without any restrictions or royalties.

Find out more about the cebas latest finalRender Drop 4:

View full description of What’s New:
cebas - finalRender Drop 4 Release news
finalRender Drop 4 features video     

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finalRender Drop 4

finalRender Drop 4 OptiX™7 Core Rewrite - RTX Speed Blast

Drop 4 takes the baton from Drop 3 and continues the marathon of hybrid rendering. finalRender trueHybrid™ promises you visual technology of the future in hardware and software optimization so you can setup scenes and render with amazing speed without losing image quality. Now, with the latest OptiX™ 7 deep core rewrite, replacing OptiX 6 - Subscribers will be able to unlock and harness the current RTX TURING GPU and all future RTX GPU.

Critical enhancements includes

Scale across multiple GPUs seamlessly

Automatically combines GPU memory over NVLink® for large scenes

AI Accelerated rendering using Tensor Cores

Ray Tracing acceleration using RT Cores. 

Unlimited Network Rendering Available

Fast Iterations, Save time and cost

You got to try it to know it. Download your unlimited free trial now.
To view New Features, scroll down.

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The Future Choice Renderer for 3DS Max Artists

finalRender is unique in many ways, try it and you will know.

Latest Drop 4 represents a complete core shift and brings into play the NVIDIA's OptiX™ 7 application framework specifically optimized for Ray Tracing performances on the GPU. It brings the power of NVIDIA GPUs to your desktop! Artists will also be delighted with Drop 4 fR-CarPaint enhanced photo-realism with PBSR. Render superb 'chameleon' car paints and project visuals with cebas Mica pearls spectral effects and create a color shifting/changing effect on car bodies. Drop 4 follows after Drop 3 Intel OPEN Image CPU + RTX Denoiser. And Drop 2 introduced the new cebas biased Lightcache system. We are going places for you!

Random Walk SubSurface Scattering

SubSurface Scattering has been enhanced dramatically. The new SSS now uses Random Walk methods to enhance the look and calculation quality of SubSurface Scattering. It is faster! Physically-accurate and lets you control the absorption of light based on its individual depth-based Wavelength Spectrum filtering. SSS enhances areas needing cavities and thin protrusions on the surface.


  • 3ds Max 2021
  • -20
  • -19
  • -18 | CPU:SSE4.2
  • GPU:CUDA 10.2 Shading Model 6.x

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finalRender 4 Drop 2 Released

finalRender Drop2


  biasHybrid ™



Cebas Achieves A First in Hybrid Bias Rendering

Cebas Visual Technology, Victoria, B.C. (December 4), 2018 - Subscribers of cebas finalRender trueHybrid ™ will be pleasantly surprised with another world’s first from cebas Visual Technology in this latest update. Today, Drop 2 releases the latest biasHybrid ™, following trueHybrid ™ in Drop 1. Subscribers can instantly download the update using their Cebas Product Manager.

Drop 2 and Drop1



Revolution in Rendering - Hardware and Software Optimization

In September 2018, cebas announced the release of finalRender Drop 1.0 trueHybrid ™ system. This hardware optimization gave users a tremendous boost by being able to render on either single track CPU or GPU, or both tracks. Costs-saving for artists that did not wish to replace their CPU, finalRender trueHybrid ™ boosted it to GPU operational speed. And GPU users saw the GPU kernel memory usage further reduced by up to 50% on newer NVIDIA cards. Moreover, the true unbiased CPU and GPU hybrid processing time was sped up by up to 25%, depending on your hardware. So, considerable fewer rendering passes were needed to achieve a cleaner result in lesser time.   

And finally, this month with the release of Drop 2.0 comes another major revolutionary breakthrough in software optimization. In Drop 2.0, cebas development team is releasing finalRender’s new biased Light Cache system called biasHybrid ™. 

Edwin Braun who heads the cebas development team explains, “ for the first time, a biased rendering method has been "married" with a true unbiased spectral based rendering technology! It is like achieving the task of squaring the circle.”

We have combined perfectly those traditionally contradictory rendering methods into one simple-to-use but powerful package. We have developed firstly the Lightcache that works on GI, and our users can expect even greater rendering power in future updates as we work on combining biased and unbiased path tracing to reflection, adaptive sampling, depth-of-field, motion blur, denoising and what have you. ”

biasHybrid -- Scroll to New Features Column to view video 'biasHybrid'


What is biasHybrid Lightcache Breakthrough Acceleration?

In terms of rendering development, this means that finalRender Drop 2.0 offers a highly optimized Light Cache system to speed up secondary Global illumination ray calculations. This light cache represents a real breakthrough in Hybrid GPU and CPU global illumination rendering and masterfully balances the act of achieving physically accurate results while gaining rendering speed. This is achieved by reducing the random noise through the use of the finalRender Lightcache technology at render time. Renderings created with cebas Lightcache technology, when compared to fully unbiased renderings, will show little to no visual difference at all.

SubSurface Scattering

Drop 2 SSS has also been enhanced dramatically. The new SSS now uses Random Walk methods to enhance the look and calculation quality of SubSurface Scattering. It is faster! Physically accurate and lets you control the absorption of light based on its individual depth-based Wavelength Spectrum filtering. SSS works much better now with cavities and thin protrusions on the surface.

Drop 2 and Drop1 -- Scroll to New Features Column to view video 'Random Walk SSS'

finalRender HDRI-Supported AI Denoiser

Another major enhancement to pay particular attention to is the ongoing refinement of the finalRender AI Denoiser. Enhancement in Drop 2.0 now provides full support of HDRI color values, allowing full tone mapping operations after the fact. This new denoiser also uses less memory and starts faster when invoked for the first time.


Drop 2.0 Now Fully Supports 3ds Max Physical Material - Instant Load and Render

finalRender now fully supporting the standard Autodesk Physical Material which makes it perfect for scenes created with previous versions of 3ds Max or scenes created for Arnold and ART. 3ds Max own scene converter also offers to convert materials into the standard Physical material, by default. With Drop 2.0, it’s an instant click select material type, load, render and you have it.


Drop 2 Autodesk Physical Matl -- Scroll to New Features Column to view video 'Physical Materials'


Particle instancing in thinkingParticles

Cebas would also like to give special mention to our thinkingParticles FX users that Drop 2.0 has added the Particle instancing in thinkingParticles - a new GPU friendly and highly optimized instancing code developed to directly support thinkingParticles' particle instancing feature.

And to view the final two enhanced features from Drop 2.0: Area Light and Sky Portal, or to get finalRender, please visit - scroll to new features.  


finalRender Drop 2 Compatibility
3ds Max 2019/18/17 | CPU:SSE4.2 | GPU:CUDA 10 Shading Model 3.x | Optix 5.1

Cebas will continually aim to deliver more powerful enhanced products to fit the needs of the rendering community and visual effects markets on a broad scope, and more importantly in collaboration with our users. Subscribers can instantly download the update using their Cebas Product Manager.



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finalRender Drop 2.0 Full Playlist

For more information on finalRender ™:
Contact: Edwin Braun, CEO & Co-founder,
Cebas Visual Technology Inc
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Social Media and Press Re-Publication:
Contact: Cedar Thokme
Social Media Manager
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