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Volume Caustic Sample Scenes


Volume Caustic render thumbnailWhile working on some content that required me to search through my scene archives I ran across some of my volume caustic scenes.  Figured it might be useful to someone out there so I knocked the dust off the scenes and figured I'd share a few of them for deconstructing purposes.

In the first scene the volume caustic effect is shot through a clear lens.  Well, it's almost clear it does have a slight green tint like you'd expect from glass.  As the volume caustics hit the colored reflectors it changes the color of the caustic pattern.
Click the image to enlarge:
In the second example scene the glass is strongly tinted green and this produces the green volumetric effect that is simply bouncing off mirrors (not colored surfaces).
Click the image to enlarge:
Fun things to try with these volume caustic scenes:
  • Explore changing the IOR (and/or shape) of the glass lens to achieve different patterns/results.
  • Put more reflectors in and try to spell something or draw different shapes.
  • Create a laser effect.
  • Try multiple lenses.
The volume caustic effect here is rather strong mainly because I've decreased the decay on the photons and that let's them travel further.  If you increase it to the default value of 2.0 then it will shorten the volume caustic effect in a more natural way.  Likewise you may want to decrease it further than I have it set to extend the volume if you're making something like a laser effect.
Have fun.

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